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Newsletter configuration

With Shopware 6.2.0 the newsletter configuration was restructured. As a result, separate settings are no longer required and the menu is now obsolete and has been removed.

Shopware does not offer the option of sending newsletters. Instead, we provide a simple newsletter recipient module with which you can easily and seamlessly transfer your recipients through an interface. This gives you the great advantage of being able to choose which tool you want to use to send out your newsletters. In our store you will find a variety of extensions with which you can, for example, create and send more complex newsletter campaigns. In the Shopware administration, however, you can always view and easily edit your newsletter recipients in a list.

Activate Double-Opt-In for newsletter registration

The double opt-in function for newsletter registration can now be activated through business events. To do this, an event of the type newsletter subscription has been registered - newsletter.register is used and the corresponding e-mail template is assigned to it. Optionally you can still restrict this to individual sales channels and include a rule builder rule.

Practical example

As already mentioned, the double opt-in is configured and activated using a business event.

You can find this under Settings > Shop. There you can use the event of the type Newsletter sign-up registered - newsletter.register (1)

Event (1) When you open the business event, "newsletter.register" should already be displayed in the Event section. If this is not the case, you can select the event using the drop down menu.

Email template (2) Select the template that you want to use. By default this is "Newsletter double opt-in". However, you can also use your own template here. To make change to the curently used template click on  "Open e-mail template".

Sales channel (3) Select the sales channel in which the newsletter double opt-in should apply. If you do not make a selection here, this configuration applies to all sales channels.

Rules (4) Optionally you can make use of the rule builder. Here you can specify, for example, that the event and thus the double opt-in only apply to registrations from Germany. In general, all available rules of the rule builder are at your disposal. You can find more information here.

Email recipients

In the E-mail Recipients section, you can enter internal email addresses that are to receive the corresponding mail template.

Customers only receive the set email templates if no email recipients are stored.

Usually, customers can register for the newsletter in the customer account of your store. However, you can also create a link in the footer menu or in the service menu, for example, which customers can use to register for the newsletter.

Creating a registration form

To offer the customer a registration for the newsletter you first need the registration form. The form is provided in the Shopping experiences
To set this up open the Shopware Admin menu item Content >Shopping Experiences and create a new layout. On the next page, select Shoppage and select the design full width
Then you can add a new block to the empty store page by the plus symbol on the right side. Select the form block here and drag and drop it onto the empty store page. 
To change the form into a newsletter form click once on the form and select the cogwheel in the upper right corner. In the Content area you can now change the form type to Newsletter
Finally you can save the experience.

We recommend to create a separate link in the footer or service menu for the newsletter registration. If you don't allready have a service menu or a footer menu in your store,  here we will show you how to create these menus.

Newsletter menu item

After creating  a service menu and a shopping experiences that contains a newsletter form, it is important to link this form in the service menu. 
To do this, open the Catalogues > Categories section and create a new category within your service menu category tree. After you have set the category to active in the category configuration switch to the tab Layout. Here you can now assign the previously created experience world to the category, in which the form is located. 
Since you have added the category to the service menu, the link to the newsletter will now be displayed in your storefront within the service menu. 

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