Shopware generates a standard sitemap that is compressed and cached in the file system. In order to support shops with many products and categories, the sitemap is divided into several files and can be generated in the background.

Shopware 6 does not provide a visitor sitemap (suffix /sitemap after your domain). The index file "Sitemap.xml" is created for evaluation by Google.


In the administration under Settings > Shop > Sitemap you can define the refresh time for the sitemap and set a refresh strategy how the sitemap should be updated.


With this method, the sitemap is automatically generated with a scheduled task on a regular basis and stored in the file system.


This refresh strategy creates a sitemap when none is present. If one already exists, it will be recreated as soon as the time under Refresh time has elapsed.


You can also disable the automatic sitemap creation completely, so that the sitemap will only be created if you call the following command manually:

php bin/console sitemap:generate

In this case, it is necessary to run this command again each time a new URL is added or an old one is removed.


Shopware automatically generates a sitemap.xml. This sitemap can be used for all relevant search engine providers. However Shopware cannot guarantee that every URL will be crawled and indexed. This always depends on the search engine provider.

The sitemap can be viewed via the following link:

Excluding and Adding URLs

how to add or exclude your own URLS you can find out in our Developer Documentation. 

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