Shopware 5

You have chosen Shopware: Congratulations! We are happy to welcome you as part of our large Shopware community. There is an incredible amount to discover here, and in addition to your own shop, there are also many Shopware sites that we would like to introduce to you here!

To make your start in the Shopware world as easy and problem-free as possible, we have summarised and explained all the details of working with Shopware in this documentation. Shopware offers numerous setting and configuration options to design your shop exactly according to your wishes and requirements. From the documentation you will learn how to install Shopware and configure it according to your requirements, how to customise the Shopware template, how to debug your shop and everything about our marketing features. Have fun!


Please note: Shopware 5 is in the final end-of-life phase. You will still receive security fixes until the end of July 2024, so we recommend planning the switch to Shopware 6 in good time. You can find more information here.