The sub-item taxes gives you an overview of your current stored tax rates, these can accessed through Settings > shop > tax.
In this oveview you can manage existing tax rates and create new tax rates (1).

The context menu (2) on the right hand of the table gives you the option to edit or deleting existing tax rates.

In the customer groups, it is possible to configure for each group individually whether the prices are to be displayed and calculated in gross or net.

Creating a new tax rate

If you click on the button to create a new tax rate, a new window will open, showing you the configuration you can make for your new tax rate.
Here you can name it individually (1) and assign it a percentage value (2).

Edit an existing tax rate

The editing screen for existing taxes is structured similarly to the new creation screen.
Here you can change previously made configurations.
be careful, these are existing tax rates and could have effects on your live operation.

Since you are accessing an existing tax rate, which may be used or still is use on your live system., the calculations of invoices, etc. that have this tax rate assigned may show different calculation.

Other tax rules for individual countries

Within the respective tax rates you will find the area countries.

In this section you have the possibility to create your own tax rules for individual countries and, if available, their federal states. Just click on Add country to add a tax rule for a country to the current tax rate.

Here you first specify for which country the tax rule applies and what it refers to. You have the possibility to create your own tax rules for individual zip codes, zip code areas, individual states or for an entire country.

Tax rule for a zip code.

Here you can define your own tax rule for a single zip code. You can also create more than one of these rules to take several zip codes into account.

Tax rule according to zip code rabfe

Here you can set up your own tax rule for a complete zip code area.

Tax rules according to individua states

Here you can create a tax rule for one or more states of a country. The states must first be created under States.

Tax rule for an entire country

Of course a tax rule can also be set up for the entire country.

EU One-Stop-Shop

Does the EU OSS apply to you?

As of July 1, 2021, there is a new EU threshold. The threshold is 10.000€. If you come over this threshold, you should register in the respective online OSS portal.

What does that mean for you?

The store should clearly show for which delivery country the displayed prices apply. You should also clearly display the possibility to select the delivery country with the respective prices in the store.

For more information on the new threshold, click here.

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