You can find the menu item Currencies by clicking on Settings > Shop, in the menu of your administration on the left.

In this tab you will find all relevant information and data concerning your currencies for your sales channels. 
Here you have the option of managing them, creating new currencies or removing existing ones.


The overview shows you all the currencies already configured for your shop, including all the relevant information.

You can edit (2) or remove (3) these currencies via the context menu (1).

The factor is defined by the top system currency. The configuration of this currency should always remain unchanged.

Create a new currency

Click on the button Create currency within the currency overview to open the mask to create a new currency.

Name (1): Enter the name of the currency in this field, e.g. Euro.
ISO code (2): Enter the ISO code of your currency here. You can find an overview of the valid ISO codes here: List of currency codes
Short name (3): In this field you enter a short name for your currency, e.g. the ISO code EUR. Please note that the short name must consist of exactly three letters.
Symbol (4): In Symbol you enter the symbol of your currency, e.g. € for Euro.
Factor (5): Here you enter the factor of your currency, which is defined by the standard currency in your system, e.g. 1.17085 for the US dollar.
Decimal places (6): For the decimal places you can enter a number (e.g. 2) to indicate how many decimal places should be taken into account in the calculation in the shopping basket. Please note that this only applies to the calculation and not to the display in the shopping cart.

The factor is defined by the system standard currency.
When assigned, this factor converts the stored values of the system standard currency by using the factor and thereby displays the adjusted prices with the assigned currency in the frontend.

By pressing the save button you create this currency with the given configuration.

Currencies that you create must always be maintained in the system standard language, which is why the language selection is greyed out here.

Edit an existing currency

The edit mode, which you can open by clicking on the context menu in the currency overview, allows you to edit existing currencies.

By changing the language (1), you can enter translations for your currencies here, which will then also be displayed to your customers in the storefront where this designation is used.

Remove a currency

You can only remove a currency if it is no longer used anywhere.
Therefore, make sure that you have no longer assigned this currency to any of your sales channels, etc.
If you try to do this anyway, the system will give you a message that shows you where this currency is still being used.

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