Shopware uses snippets for the translation and customization of texts, which can be managed at this point. For example these snippets can be output in the frontend.


The snippets are divided into snippet-sets. In the standard system, there are the sets BASE de_DE (1) and BASE en_GB (2). They include the translations for German and English. They use the respective base files messages.de_DE and messages.en_GB. These base files include the standard values of the snippet-sets to be able to reset the snippets later, for example.

Don't edit these files manually, because they help you to reset the snippets to a basic value.

With the button Edit snippets (3) you can edit the previously selected snippets set and the included text modules.
With the button Add snippet-set (4) you create a new snippet-set. You can create this either based on a base file or by using the arrow next to the button as a duplicate of an already existing set.
The context menu (5) allows you to edit, duplicate or delete a snippet-set. 

Edit Snippet

To edit a snippet, click on the respective set in which the snippet is located. If you want to edit a snippet in several sets you can also select these sets by the checkboxes and click on the Edit snippets button.



When you click on edit in the context menu, you open the edit option.  
Here you can see the name of the variable. Under the item Translations you can edit the content of all translations of this snippet.


In the filter menu you can define various filters to make the display of the text modules on a clear way. 

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