Essential characteristics

The main features allow the display of product information such as the basic price, manufacturer number, EAN or dimensions and properties.
Therefore you can create different templates which show the desired information at the checkout.


Managing templates

The module for managing the templates can be found under Settings > Shop > Essential characteristics.

You can add a new template with the button create new (1).
To edit an existing template click on the name (2) or call the "..." menu (3) and choose Edit.
In the "..." menu (3) you also have the option to delete a template

Creating or editing a template

The modules for creating and editing an existing template are identical.

First, enter a name and a description in the general information area. Since the name is displayed on the product to select the template, it is best to make it unique.

In the values section, you can then define the data that will be displayed on the products that use the template.
You can create a new (or additional) data set by clicking the button add field (1). More information can be found in the section add values.
With the arrow button (2) you can change the display order when using multiple values.
To remove an existing value, first activate the checkbox of the value (3) and then click on the trashcan symbol (4)).

Add values
This will open a window in which you can specify which type of data (e.g. basic price calculation, properties, product information) will be added.

Depending on which selection you make, a further page will appear with more options (e.g. which properties should be displayed).

Assign a template to a product

To ensure that the information from the template is displayed in the checkout for a product, it is necessary to assign a template to the product.
This is possible on the product details page. For this purpose we have added a new section essential characteristics.

Here you can select a existing template that should be used for this product from a drop down menu (1).

Storefront view

In the storefront, the information is then shown (1) for those products that have a essential characteristics template assigned to them. The data requested by the template is shown with the product.

The information (1) is displayed at the checkout right at to the product.

If a the product information is not shown, please check if these 2 requirements are met:

  • A template containing the essential characteristics is assigned to the product.
  • The information requested by the template is maintained with the product (e.g. for the basic price calculation these are sales, unit of measurement and basic unit in the section Measures & Packaging).

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