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6.2.0 or newer

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In the admin area under Settings > Shop you will find the product list, which offers you three settings for displaying the listing in your storefront. The settings can either be made directly for all sales channels or alternatively for individual sales channels.


Buy buttons

The first option show buy buttons in product listings allows you to display the Buy button for each of your products in the product list. The Buy button is displayed with "Add to cart" for your products. For variant items, however, "Details" is displayed instead of "Add to cart".

As soon as this option is deactivated, the buy button will no longer be displayed. The details button is also no longer displayed for variant items.




The next option hide products after clearance is activated and ensures that your sales items are hidden in the storefront as soon as the stock level reaches 0.

New marker

In the field for the option mark products as 'new', for ? days, you can specify how many days a product should be marked as new if its release date is no more than the specified number of days ago, e.g. 30.

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