Delivery times

The delivery times function give you the option to inform customers about the expected delivery times of individual products. This information is shown e.g. on the product details page.

Create/edit delivery times

Under Settings > Shop > Delivery times you can specify the individual details.

You can add another delivery time with the button Create delivery time (1). You can edit an existing delivery time by clicking on the name (2) or the "..." menu (3). It is also possible to delete a delivery time through the "..." menu (3).

Both, the structure of the module for creating and editing are identical.

The name (1) is used to display the delivery time on the product details page. Therefore, use a suitable name that can be understood by the customers.
For a dynamic calculation of the information in the shopping cart and order completion, the information unit (2) (drop-down menu: day, week, month or year) as well as minimum (3) and maximum (4) as integer are relevant. Based on this information, the dates are determined automatically.
In the section show delivery times in shopping cart you will get more information about this and some examples for the dynamic calculation.

assign a delivery time to a product

In the product information under the section deliverability you can select one of the delivery times created here. This information is then displayed on the product details page.

Storefront view

Delivery time information is displayed next to the availability information (1).

With available stock

Without available stock

Show/hide delivery times in the shopping cart

In addition to displaying general information about the delivery time on the product detail page, you can also display the delivery time dynamically in the shopping cart. This information indicates a date range in which the delivery is expected based on the information stored. The calculation of the period is based on the current date.

You can activate or disable this function for each sales channel under Settings > Shop > Cart settings. The default is disabled.

In the selection sales channel (1) you can determine whether the setting should apply to all or only to individual sales channels.
To show the delivery times in the shopping cart, activate the button Show delivery time in shopping cart (2).

For the indication of the delivery time in the shopping cart, the factors are the product delivery times, as well as the restocking time for products without stock.

Example calculations of the dynamic display

Current dateProduct delivery timeAvailable stockRestocking time in (week)daysEstimated delivery period
01.01.20201 - 3 days10302.01.2020 - 04.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 3 days0305.01.2020 - 07.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 3 days10502.01.2020 - 04.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 3 days0507.01.2020 - 09.01.2020
01.01.20202 - 5 days10503.01.2020 - 06.01.2020
01.01.20202 - 5 days0508.01.2020 - 11.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 2 weeks10508.01.2020 - 15.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 2 weeks0513.01.2020 - 20.01.2020
01.01.20201 - 2 months10501.02.2020 - 01.03.2020
01.01.20201 - 2 months0506.02.2020 - 06.03.2020
01.01.20201 - 2 years10501.01.2021 - 01.01.2022
01.01.20201 - 2 years0506.01.2021 - 06.01.2022

Storefront View

Each product shows its individual delivery time ((1), (2) and (3))

Shopping cart

Complete of order

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