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Shopping cart

In the settings for the cart you have the possibility to configure some basic functions for the cart or the product detail page. The configuration can be customized either globally for all sales channels or for a single sales channel. The settings for a single sales channel override the values from the global settings.

Maximum quantity

The maximum quantity determines how many products can be selected in the dropdown on the product details page or in the (off-canvas) cart. However, you can also set a different max. order quantity for a individual product in the settings of a product.

Delivery time in the shopping cart

The option Show delivery time in cartallows you to display the delivery time defined in the article in the shopping cart. You can activate this option in Admin under Settings > Cart settings > Show delivery time in cart.

View the delivery time in the frontend

After activating this option, the delivery period for each individual item is displayed in the shopping cart.

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