Cart settings

Under cart settings, you have the option of configuring some basic functions for the shopping cart or the product detail page. The configuration can be adjusted either globally for all sales channels or on an individual sales channel basis. The settings for an individual sales channel overwrite the values from the global settings.


Maximum quantity

The maximum quantity determines how many products can be selected in the dropdown on the product details page or in the (off-canvas) cart. However, you can also set a different max. order quantity for a individual product in the settings of a product.

Delivery time in the shopping cart

The option Show delivery time in cartallows you to display the delivery time defined in the article in the shopping cart. You can activate this option in Admin under Settings > Cart settings > Show delivery time in cart.

Front end view of delivery time

If this option is activated, the delivery period for each individual item is displayed in the shopping basket.


Allow cancellations

If you activate this function, your customers have the option to cancel their orders in the customer account.

Time in minutes for a customer to finalize a transaction

If a payment is processed via a payment service provider and your customer is redirected to the page of this service provider, a so-called payment token is generated. This token is used for security purposes and the transaction can only be completed as long as it is valid. By default, the field in the administration is blank and therefore (code-based) a default value of 60 minutes is defined. With this option you have the possibility to increase or decrease this value. If the token has expired when the customer has not finished the transaction yet, the transaction will be cancelled automatically and would have to be triggered again.

Order completion

Comment field on the checkout confirm page

Activate this function to offer your customers the option of entering a comment when completing the order. This comment is displayed in the order both in the customer account and in the administration.

Automatically log out guest customers after order completion

If this function is active, guest customers are logged out directly after completing their order. Alternatively, the guest session remains and the guest can end the session using the account menu.


Activate wishlist

This function allows your customers to temporarily save products on a wishlist. The wishlist can be accessed using the heart symbol next to the account menu.

You can find more information on the functions of the wish list in the tutorial using the wish list.

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