Payment methods

You can find the payment methods in the Shopware 6 Administration under Settings > Shop > Payment methods.


In the overview, you will find a list of the currently stored payment methods. They are listed by name, their active status and a short description
The specific payment method can be edited or deleted via the context menu behind each entry.

In the standard Shopware version, the four payment methods cash on delivery, invoice, prepayment and direct debit are activated. However, this does not automatically mean that all activated payment methods are available to your customers in the storefront. The decisive factor here is which payment methods are assigned in your sales channel.

Add Payment method

Click on the button Add payment method to open the form for a new payment method. The following information must be provided:

In the Payment types section, you enter the name (1) of the payment type.

In Technical name (2), a name is defined with which the payment method can be clearly identified.

Changing the technical name can result in existing payment methods becoming inoperable.
We therefore recommend this procedure: If the payment method was added by installing an extension, wait until the manufacturer adds this information in an update. If you have created the payment method yourself, add the technical name as soon as possible.

In the field Position (3) you can enter the position of this payment method. This position determines the order in which the payment types are displayed in the shop.

Here, you can enter a short description (4) of the payment method.

You can also enter your own logo (5) for the payment method here. You can either upload this, select one from the media already uploaded, or upload a file from a URL.

Furthermore, you can activate or deactivate the payment method with the Active button (6).

With the switch Allow change of payment method after order completion (7) you enable your customers to change the payment method after order completion within the customer account under Orders. If the switch is deactivated for a payment type, your customer can no longer select this payment type when changing the payment type after completing the order.

The item's name, description and logo are displayed in your shop when you select the payment method in the storefront. 

Availability rule

You can use the availability rule to determine when this payment method should be available. For this you can use the rules of the Rule Builder or add a new rule to the Rule Builder directly from here.

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