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Basic information

You can add basic information regarding your store in the Admin area under Settings > basic information. The settings can be set globally or per sales channel.

Basic information

Here you can first enter the shop name (1) of your shop and enter the shop owner email address (2). You also have the possibility to activate the shop as family-friendly shop (3). If you activate this option, the meta tag "isFamilyFriendly" will be set for search engines.

The meta tag "family-friendly" is stored for search engines in order to filter out certain contents, which may not be suitable for everyone.


Shop pages

Under shop pages you can define the shop page layout for your shop(s) for some areas within the modal windows in your storefront.

This includes the following areas:

  • Shop page layout for terms of service pages
  • Shop page layout for revocation notices
  • Shop page layout for payment and shipping information
  • Shop page layout for privacy pages
  • Shop page layout assignment for imprint
  • Shop page layout for missing pages (404: page not found)
  • Shop page layout assignment for maintenance
  • Shop page layout for contact pages
  • Shop page layout for newsletter pages

How to create the different shop page layouts is explained in the wiki article of Shopping Experiences.


Active captchas

In the field Active Captchas you can select the captchas used during registration. Captchas are tests to verify that a human is registering and not a bot or script.

By default you can select and activate the honeypot here. With this solution, an additional invisible field is offered during registration, which bots and scripts fill in and are thus rejected. For normal customers the field is not visible and can therefore not be filled in.

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