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Newsletter configuration

In the privacy module you have the possibility to set a double-opt-in of the newsletter registration for your sales channels.
This double-opt-in causes, that here again a separate confirmation by e-mail of the customer must take place, so that the customer is registered into your newsletter receiver list.

First select the sales channel (1) for which you want to store settings here. All sales channels is preselected here, with which you store Globlae specifications for all sales channels. 
You activate the Double-Opt-In with the button (2). If you have selected a specific sales channel under (1), you can click on Newsletter Double-Opt-in (3) to activate inheritance. The setting set for All Channels will then be inherited. 
In the subscription domain (4) you deposit the domain of the corresponding sales channel. If you have selected allsales channels under (1), you can enter the fallback domain as the registration domain. 

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