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The menu item Salutations appears when you click on Settings > Shop in your adminstration.

In this sub-item you can see all salutations of your shop and you can manage and edit them here.
By default, Shopware already stores some salutations, as well as the corresponding letter salutations.


In the overview, which opens directly when you call the point, you see the already deposited salutations.

Within the overview you can add a new salutation, edit an existing salutation or delete an existing salutation.

Create a new salutation

To create a new salutation, you can select the item add salutation in the overview.

If you click on this point, a new page will open in your adminstration, which offers you the following options: a technical name, the name of the salutation and a letter salutation.

The technical name is a unique name, which is used to integrate the salutation in e.g. e-mails.

Edit an existing salutation

The editing mask, which opens when you click on the Edit item in the context menu within the overview, allows you to edit an already created salutation afterwards.

Here you have the possibility to change the technical name as well as the salutation and letter salutation.

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