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Customer groups


You can find the menu customer groups under settings. Here you can create and edit the customer groups into which the customers are divided. 
For example, prices for different customer groups can be displayed in gross or net. 
In the following overview you will find all existing customer groups and the corresponding tax representations.

Via the button Create customer group (1), you can create a completely new customer group. You can edit already existing customer groups by clicking on the name (2) or via the context menu (4)
In the list settings (3) you can adjust the order of the information, as well as hide individual columns. You can also use the compact mode, which summarizes the list of the most important information. 
You have the possibility to hide a column directly via the context menu (5) next to the column name. 

New customer group

Click the button Create customer group to create a completely new customer group.

Here you can now enter the name of the customer group and specify whether the net or gross prices should be displayed to the customer in the shop.

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