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Advanced Search 2.0

As of Shopware, AdvancedSearch will only use OpenSearch. Up to version, either Elasticsearch or OpenSearch can be used.

Advanced Search is part of the Commercial extension and is available to you as an extension from the Shopware Evolve plan.

SaaS customers can already use Advanced Search without any further installation.

Advanced Search offers you simple configuration options and high performance due to the Elasticsearch / Opensearch basis.


Both Elasticsearch and OpenSearch can be used for Advanced Search. Depending on which you choose, a corresponding instance is required. You can learn how to integrate Elasticsearch into Shopware 6 here.

Additionally, the Commercial extension must be installed & activated. More information about the Commercial extension can be found here.


The settings for the Advanced Search can be found in the Admin under Settings > Search.

Advanced Search can be configured per sales channel (1) and can be enabled/disabled via Enable Advanced Search (2).


In the Hit Count section you define the number of displayed elements for the preview search (1) and the results page (2).

In this section, you will be shown a preview of the search results based on a sales channel without having to go to the storefront.

Sales Channel (1): Select the sales channel where you want to test your search.
Search (2): Enter the term you want to test.
Type (3): Select the type (Product, Category or Manufacturer) of the search term.
Show example (4): Opens a modal with examples of search queries.

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