Shopware Commercial

Why do I need Shopware Commercial?

The Shopware Commercial extension is required for you to use the functions and features included in your plan (Shopware Rise, Evolve or Beyond). Once you activate the extension, your booked plan will be matched and all available features will be unlocked and provided to you. You can find an overview of the individual functions of the plans in the Overview of the plans.

Also, future features and innovations will be integrated into your system exclusively via Shopware Commercial, so you don't have to perform separate updates or changes.

Where can I find the extension?

You can find the extension under Extensions > My Extensions. If you use Shopware in the cloud, the extension is already pre-installed under your extensions.
In the self-hosted variant, you have to install the extension yourself before you can use it.

How do I install the extension?

As already mentioned, the extension is pre-installed if you use Shopware in the cloud. You can find it under Extensions > My Extensions > Shopware Commercial.

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