Payment (SaaS)

After creating your SaaS shop, a checklist for preparing your shop is available in the dashboard. You can also use it to set up the payment method.

Alternatively, you can also configure the payment methods that should be available to your customers in your shop in the menu Settings > Shop > Payment methods.

By default you can choose between cash on delivery, advance payment and invoice. Through
Shopware Payments powered by Mollie and PayPal, you also have numerous other automated payment methods at your disposal.

Shopware Payments powered by Mollie

In addition to the three fallback payment methods, Mollie offers you a variety of other payment methods that can be integrated directly into your shop. This way you can receive payments via many payment methods without having to have your own account with each of the payment providers.
You only need one Mollie account where all payments from the various payment providers converge. You can then have this account paid out regularly to a specified bank account.

Set up Mollie payment methods

To use the Mollie payment methods it is first necessary to link your shop to a Mollie account. For this purpose you will find a corresponding link (1) under Settings > Shop > Payment methods.

Here you can either link your shop to an already existing Mollie account or directly create a new account and then link it.


After you have linked your existing or new Mollie account to your shop, you still need to give the shop permission to access the Mollie organisation.

That's it. After you have given the shop access, you can simply activate or deactivate the desired payment methods by clicking the button on the right side.

Add payment methods in the sales channel

After you have set up the Mollie payment methods, it is now necessary to assign them to the sales channel so that they are also displayed to the customer in the storefront.

You do this in the sales channel configuration of the corresponding sales channel. Click on the sales channel to which you want to add the payment methods.

In the tab General > Basic settings you will find the settings for the payment methods. Here you can select in the left field which payment methods should be made available to the customer and which payment method should be the default payment method for new customers.

Disable Mollie components

If you want to temporarily deactivate the Mollie payment methods without completely disconnecting your Mollie account, you can do this by clicking the button (1), which you can find under Settings > Payment methods.

Update payment methods

If you make changes in your Mollie account afterwards, it is necessary to transfer these changes to your shop. To transfer all data from your Mollie account to your shop, click on the button
Update payment methods.

Mollie Payments FAQ

As some questions may arise in connection with Mollie, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions here.

How do I create an account?

In the Shopware Admin you can define your payment methods under Settings > Shop > Payment methods. For the Mollie payment methods, you will be asked to connect a Mollie account with your Shopware installation via a link.

With this link you can also create a new Mollie account.

What are the costs for me?

With Mollie you only pay for successful transactions. There are no additional fees. You can find a list of fees by payment method here.

When and how do I receive my money in my account?

Have you received your first transaction? Congratulations! The next step is for Mollie to pay you off. To ensure that Mollie can do this, please check the following:

  • Make sure you have entered all the required information about your Mollie account. Note that Mollie will need a copy of your ID and that you will need to check your bank details. If you do not have all the information in your Mollie account, you will see the message "Add additional information" when you open your Mollie dashboard.
  • Define your desired payout frequency. You will be paid out according to the payout frequency in your Mollie account. This is by default 2x per week (Tuesday and Friday), but you can set it to pay on any working day or only on the first working day of the month.
  • Note the minimum payout amount. The minimum amount is set at €5 by default, but you can increase this amount in your account. This means that if the amount in your account is lower than the amount shown here, we will not be able to pay you out.

You can read more about Mollie's onboarding process here.

Which payment methods are offered?

The following payment methods are available through Shopware Payments powered by Mollie:

  • Apple pay
  • American ExpressBancontact
  • Belfius Pay Button
  • Debit cards
  • Electronic Payment Standard (EPS)
  • Voucher card
  • Giropay
  • KBC/CBC Payment Button
  • Klarna: Hire purchase
  • Klarna: invoice
  • Credit card
  • MyBank
  • PayPal
  • paysafecard
  • Przelewy24
  • SEPA Direct Debit*
  • INSTANT Banking
  • Prepayment

As SEPA Direct Debit* is a higher risk payment method and Mollie is a low risk payment service provider, we limit the use of this payment method almost exclusively to recurring or on-demand payments.
In exceptional cases, there is potentially the possibility to activate direct debit for one-off payments. However, for this we need sufficient information about your transfers and an existing transaction history in your Mollie account to make a decision about such an exception."

Under the following links you will find more information about:


Apple Pay


Does Mollie have an app for me as a retailer?

Yes, Mollie offers a separate app for both iOS and Android. With the app you can track all incoming payments. The app allows you to receive notifications about incoming payments, so you don't have to open and update your Mollie Dashboard every time you want to see if you have received new payments.

You can find more information here:

Shopware Payment was rejected for my shop, what now?

In some cases, Mollie may refuse to cooperate with shops. This is the case, for example, when illegal goods are sold, products are subject to trademark infringement or narcotics are to be sold. A full list of potentially problematic business models can be found here:

If you are unable to use Shopware Payments for this reason, you can still use the fallback payment methods.

My question was not answered, can I contact Mollie Support? 

Yes, you can always send an email here.


The PayPal extension offers you the possibility to provide your customers with the common PayPal payment methods.
An installation is not necessary, but you have to activate PayPal if you want to use PayPal. Afterwards you can link your PayPal account.

Fallback payment methods

Shopware offers the payment methods cash on delivery, prepayment and invoice as standard, which are not automated. These can be used as fallback payment methods. Here it is therefore necessary after the ordering process still from customer side or shop operator side to carry out the payment process.

Cash on delivery: After the customer has completed the order, you send the ordered goods with the cash on delivery service. The customer then pays on receipt of the goods.

Advance payment: After the customer has completed the order, you will provide the customer with your bank details so that he can transfer the amount due. You can do this, for example, in the e-mail template
Order confirmation.

Invoice: After the customer has completed the order, you will send the goods with the invoice, which the customer must then settle accordingly.


Create payment types (1): Click here to enter the configuration screen.


The fallback payment methods can be configured using the Edit button next to each payment method.

Name (1): The name is used in the Admin for differentiation. In addition, the name can be found in the storefront in the payment method selection as well as in the order confirmation e-mail and the invoice. 

Position (2): With the position you can determine the order of the payment methods. The payment methods are positioned in the storefront from small to large. 

Description (3): In the description you can give the customer information on how to proceed. This will be displayed in the storefront in the payment method selection and in the order confirmation e-mail.

Logo (4): Here you have the possibility to deposit your own logo for the payment method. This logo will then be displayed in the storefront next to the name of the payment method. 

Aktive (5): Payment methods can be temporarily deactivated and reactivated with this button. 

Allow change of payment method after order completion (6): With this option the customer has the possibility to change the payment method even after the order has been completed. He can do this in his customer account under orders

Availability rule (7): You have the possibility to display the payment methods only under certain conditions. These conditions under which the payment methods should be available can be defined in the Rule Builder and then selected here. 

Display in Storefront

In the checkout, the customer can select the desired payment method under Change payment method. After clicking on the button, the different payment methods are displayed in a modal window.

Once a payment method has been selected and the purchase has been made by clicking on
Complete purchase, the customer is redirected to the Mollie Payments page.

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