PayPal (Cloud)

The PayPal extension offers you the possibility to provide your customers with the common PayPal payment methods.


An installation is not necessary, because the extension is already available in your cloud store under Settings > Shop > Payment methods. You only need to activate this extension and link it to your PayPal account.

Linking to a PayPal account

In order to use the PayPal extension in your store, you have to link it to your PayPal account after activation. To do this, click on Connect to PayPal (1). Afterwards you have to enter the login credentials of your PayPal account in a modal window.

Change or disconnect PayPal account

After you have entered your login credentials and connected your account, the view under PayPal will change. Here you can see the status "Connected" and the account name (email address).

If you want to change the PayPal account, you can do this by clicking on Change PayPal account (1).

Only one PayPal account can be linked in this extension at a time.

If you don't want to use your PayPal account anymore, you can disconnect it from the extension by clicking Disconnect PayPal account (2).

General configuration

You can configure PayPal in the admin under Settings > Extensions by clicking on PayPal.

Sales channels

In this drop-down menu you can select for which of your sales channels the settings should be made. You can choose between All sales channels or individual sales channels.

With the button Set PayPal as default you can activate PayPal in the selected sales channel and set it as default payment method.


Under behaviour you can make basic settings for the plug-in, that are not only valid for the classic PayPal, but also for the Express Checkout and PayPal PLUS.

Merchant location (1): Here you can enter your merchant location.

Payment acquisition (2): This is where you define when the payment is collected - i.e. when it is closed.

Submit cart (3): Here you can choose whether the customer's shopping cart, i.e. the exact positions of the order, are allowed to be transferred to PayPal. If this option is deactivated, only the total amount is transferred.

Your own brand name on PayPal page (4): Here you can set your own brand name for the advertisement on the PayPal payment page.

PayPal landing page (5): Here you can choose whether the PayPal landing page should display the registration form or the login screen.

Submit order number (6): Activate this option if you want to send the order number to PayPal after completion.

Order number prefix (7): Here you can determine which text is appended to the original order number, e.g. myShopSW20001. This option is only available if you have activated the previous option "Submit order number to PayPal".

PayPal Express Checkout

The PayPal extension also offers the possibility of express checkout. With this option, your customer does not have to register in the shop for his order. The order will be processed solely through his PayPal account.


'Direct to PayPal' on detail page (1): Here you can define whether the PayPal Express Button is shown on the item detail page.

'Direct to PayPal' in the shopping cart (2): Here you can define if the PayPal Express Button should be shown in the shopping cart.

'Direct to PayPal' in the Off-Canvas shopping cart (3): If you activate this option, the Express Checkout Button will be shown in the Off-Canvas/Modal shopping cart.

'Direct to PayPal' on the login page (4): Here you can determine whether the PayPal Express Checkout Button is offered on the login page.

'Direct to PayPal' on listing pages (5): If you activate this option, the Express Checkout Button will be displayed on listing pages.

Button colour (6): This option offers you some colours in which the PayPal Express Button can be displayed. Gold, blue, silver and black are offered.

Button shape (7): Here you define the shape of the PayPal Express Button. You can choose between round and square.

Transfer shopping cart (8): Here you can choose whether the customer's shopping cart, i.e. the exact positions of the order may be transferred to PayPal. If this option is deactivated, only the total amount is transferred.

Button language (9): In this field, you can enter different shop languages for the Express Checkout button. If the field is empty, the sales channel language will be used.
It is important that you enter the so-called "locale code" here, such as en_GB. A list of available language codes can be found on the PayPal site. You can also open the page by clicking on the link "here".

Payment by installments*

The PayPal plug-in enables you to display a banner for the new installment payment on the item detail page, the (offcanvas) shopping cart and when changing the payment method in the order process. This banner will be displayed on the items that match the criteria for the installment payment.

In order for your customers to use the new installment payment in your shop, they must select the payment method PayPal in the checkout and log in with their PayPal account. Your customers can then check whether the payment method Installment Payment is available.

Further information about PayPal installment payment can be found here.

*Only available in Germany


Under payment by installments, you have the option to activate the installment banner. This only works with your Live Client ID (not with the Client ID sandbox).

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