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In this docs article we will explain possible questions and problems surrounding your SaaS shop.

Frequently asked questions about your SaaS shop

How can I tell that my shop has been suspended?

After logging into your Shopware account or into your admin area you can already see if your shop has been suspended.

There are basically three different locks:

1. The storefront has been locked, but you can still view and work in your admin area.

The following information is provided in the Shopware account:

The following information is provided in the Admin area:

2. Your shop has been completely suspended, i.e. Storefront and Admin can be accessed but not edited.

The following information is provided in the Shopware account:

The following information is provided in the Admin area:

3. The admin area is locked because your PayPal account is no longer connected.

In this case, editing in Admin is no longer possible. But you can link a new PayPal account to unlock the account.

The following information is provided in the Admin area:

Why was my shop suspended?

There can be various reasons why your shop has been suspended. We have listed the most common reasons:

Offence against the law:

If your SaaS shop violates the applicable law, we will block it. Examples of this can be racist content, sale of weapons without verification, etc.

Invoice was not paid:

If you have not paid the current invoice for the use of your SaaS shop, the admin area of your shop will be blocked. Since the invoice is collected by PayPal, you should first check the payment method (direct debit, credit card, etc.) in your PayPal account and change it if necessary. In this case you have 7 days to change the payment method and pay the open invoice. Within this period your storefront can still be accessed, unless you put your storefront into maintenance mode

After the suspension, remember to deactivate the maintenance mode manually in Admin.

The PayPal connection has been lost.:

It is possible that the necessary PayPal connection has been lost and therefore the usage fees can no longer be debited. In this case please check first if your PayPal account can be reconnected.
If your usage fees cannot be debited, your admin interface will be blocked and you will be given 7 days to connect a new PayPal account. Within this 7 day period you can still sell your items in the storefront, unless you put your storefront into maintenance mode.

After the suspension, remember to deactivate the maintenance mode manually in Admin.

How do I place a test order?

You can place test orders by being logged into the admin and the store at the same time with the same browser (no in-private session). You can see whether you are in test mode in the storefront by the gray info message at the top of the page.

Potential problems

Technical issues

If you experience any technical problems, you can simply contact us with a support enquiry.

However, we recommend that you first deactivate your activated extensions and then check again whether the technical problem still exists, as extensions can have a strong influence on the store. This is the only way to rule out whether one or even more extensions are causing the undesired behaviour in your SaaS shop. If this still occurs despite deactivating all extensions, you will find the option to create a support ticket in your Shopware account under Support, depending on the plan you have booked.

Storefront is not displayed (Error)

If your storefront is not displayed as usual, this can have various reasons. First of all, you should check whether a sales channel is assigned to your domain. You can check this in the admin.
In the first step you can see which domains are currently connected to your SaaS shop under
Settings > System > Domains. In the next step, you can find out more about the assignment to your storefront by clicking on your storefront in the admin under the menu section sales channels and then checking in the area domains whether the domain is actually registered.


How can I activate the maintenance mode?

You can activate the maintenance mode of your store by selecting your sales channel and then activating the maintenance mode under Status. The whitelist for IP addresses allows you to define exceptions for the maintenance mode. Here you can enter your own IP address, for example, if you still want to view the storefront of your store.
Please note that the maintenance mode can only be activated if you have already booked a plan.

System updates

Your SaaS store is automatically updated by Shopware as soon as an update is available.
It is possible that this will automatically deactivate incompatible extensions. These must then be updated and reactivated by you.

You can view the status of the various Shopware websites at

System backup

A backup is automatically created for your SaaS store every night. Restoration is technically possible, but is only carried out in special cases. Therefore, please contact our support in the first step.

You can find it by clicking on the "?" in the top right-hand corner of the admin area and then on "generate access link".

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