Shipping (SaaS)

You can find the shipping methods in the Shopware 6 Administration under Settings > Shop > Shipping.

The shipping module allows you to configure any desired shipping method. The shipping integration is not done by creating specific shipping method, but rather by manually assigning carriers to an order in the order module. So the shipping module only serves to inform the customer about the shipping methods you offer, how much these costs and which delivery countries are allowed or blocked.


In the overview of shipping types, all created shipping types are listed by name, description and active status (1).

List settings (2): Here you can show or hide individual columns from the overview.

Kontextmenü (3):  Hier kannst Du die entsprechende Versandart bearbeiten, duplizieren oder löschen.

Create shipping method (4): You can create a new shipping method with this button.

Language selection (5) : Here you set the language for which you want the shipping methods to be displayed.

Create shipping method

Basic information

Availability rule

With an availability rule you decide when shipping is possible with this shipping method. The rules of the rule builder are used for this. If no suitable rule has been created yet, you can also add a new rule directly at this point.

Price matrix

Under price matrix you can now determine the shipping costs for this shipping method. A price matrix is available for this purpose, in which you can define several price rules.
This matrix can be provided with a restriction (1). Here you can select a rule from the Rule Builder or create a new one and the price matrix will only be used if this condition is met. If you do not select a rule here, this price matrix is always used for this shipping method. 

To create the price matrix you can choose whether it should be based on predefined properties (4) or on rules from the Rule Builder (5)
As soon as you have created a price matrix, you can add another rule to the price matrix with the button Add new price rule (2). Using the context menu (3) you can remove or duplicate the complete price matrix. 

Price matrix according to properties

If you create the price matrix according to a property, the properties number of items, shopping cart value, weight and volume are available. 
Using the example shopping cart value, such a price matrix would look like this:

Here you can then fill the price matrix with as many price rules and current prices as you like. In this case the first price rule is:
Shopping cart value from 0 to 45 = Price: 4,99€

The second price rule is:
Shopping cart value from 45.01 to any = Price: 0,00€

Price matrix according to rules

You can also build the price matrix according to a self-defined rule from the Rule Builder instead of one of the predefined properties.

In this example the price rule is
Delivery country is Germany = Price: 5.99€

Assign shipping method to a sales channel

For a shipping method to be used by the customer, it must be assigned to the respective sales channel.

In the basic settings of your sales channel you will find the item shipping methods. Here you can enter all available shipping methods as well as a standard shipping method.

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