Under Settings > Account > Company you maintain your general contact information as well as the billing information for the contact with Shopware AG or for invoicing the costs arising for the SaaS instance.

Please note that the information you enter here is not used to contact your customers.
You can maintain the details for documents that you send to your customers under Settings > Shop > Documents in the respective template.
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VAT identification number

Leave your existing VAT identification number here. If you are a small tradesman, please enter this here as well.

Contact details

The contact information is used by Shopware AG as operator of the SaaS environment with you as shop operator.

Billing information

The billing information is used by Shopware AG, as operator of the SaaS environment, when invoicing for the applicable costs.

If you have linked your SaaS environment to a Shopware account, some data will be retrieved directly from the Shopware account and cannot be changed here, as this data is permanently linked to the paired account (e.g. the company name).

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