Customer specific pricing

The customer specific pricing is available to you from the Shopware Beyond plan via the Shopware Commercial extension.

The extension allows you to offer individually calculated prices to each customer. You can tailor list prices as well as graduated prices or currency-dependent prices individually to the customer.
The prices can be easily integrated into Shopware via an interface from any system, for example an ERP system. Thanks to the API, which is designed for speed, even large amounts of data are synchronized and provided quickly.

We have documented a detailed description of the API for the customized prices here.


To use the feature you need a Shopware Beyond Plan and the extension Shopware Commercial.


Creating, reading, changing and deleting custom prices is only possible via the API. For this reason there is no extension in the store. In addition, there is no separate module in the administration, through which the function is mapped. The prices are transferred seamlessly via the API.

Inheritances, such as with product variants, are not taken into account. To access the respective variant, you need the corresponding ID of the variant.



The individual prices are displayed in the storefront directly for the respective customer as soon as he logs into the store (1). As soon as the customer logs out (2), the original price is displayed.

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