Tutorial - translations

In Shopware 6 you have the possibility to translate all texts of your shop and make them available in several languages.
In this tutorial we show you how to translate all texts of your shop. 

Shopware uses snippets for most static texts such as the labeling of the shopping cart buttons, which can be maintained in different languages. Individual texts like names or descriptions can be translated directly in the corresponding settings.


The system texts such as the Add to cart button are edited in the Snippets. You can find them in the administration under Settings > Shop > Snippets. Each language has its own snippet set. By default we supply the sets for English and German, which already contain all system texts in these two languages.

If you want to offer your shop in another language such as Dutch, it is best to duplicate an existing set.

Then you can translate the individual snippets into the desired language. All texts that you do not translate immediately will make use of the duplicated set at first.

Alternatively, you can also visit our Plugin Store to see if there is already a language pack available for your desired language.


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6.0.0 or newer