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Licenses FAQ

What does the "Extension Warning" window mean when opening my admin?

If you are using an extension for which you do not have a valid license, a corresponding message will appear when you open the admin. At least one licence of the extensions you are using has expired.

Below the warning (see above) you will see the name of the affected extension. Shopware makes no difference whether the extension has the status "activated", "deactivated" or "uninstalled" in the plugin manager. Unlicensed plugins must be completely deleted and may not appear in the plugin manager of your shop! You can do this by using the link Remove plugin completely. Alternatively you can purchase a licence for the respective plugin. Click on the button Buy plugin to go to the respective page in the Community Store.

How to delete licences correctly?

To physically delete an extension completely from the server, the extension must be completely deleted from the Extension-Manager. It is not enough that it is only deactivated, as the extension can then be reactivated at any time. This is also important for remedying licence violations.

Step 1: Open the extension-manager in the admin of your shop under Extensions > My extensions

Step 2: Open the context menu to the right of the respective extension and select Uninstall.


Step 3: After uninstalling, the extension will still be displayed in the list of your extensions. Using the context menu on the right side you can now delete the extension completely. This is necessary to avoid license violation.

Note: If the extension cannot be deleted, it can in most cases be deleted directly from the database. If there are complications, please contact the plugin manufacturer who can offer you support.

Step 4: Log in to the Shopware Account within the tab Shopware Account with your account update your data so that the deletion of the extension is updated in the entire system.


Step 5(optional): If an Extension is not removable via menu, it can be deleted via database and filesystem.

A document article for can be found here.

Step 6:  Go to your Shopware account at and cancel the rental there. Without this cancellation, the rental contract will continue to be charged.

Any other installations of the extension on this domain must also be deleted completely, this includes sub-folders and local installations.

Subscriptions FAQ

What is an extension Subscription?

With a valid extension subscription you ensure that you are provided with updates for the extension by the manufacturer of the extension. Updates may include new features, optimisations, compatibility with new Shopware versions or the fixing of security vulnerabilities.

Note: Not all extensions have a subscription exam. Free extensions, such as the Shopware PayPal plug-in, can be updated without having to book a subscription.

Why is my extension subscription no longer valid?

Subscriptions are time-limited and must be renewed under your Shopware account. The purchase of an extension normally includes a subscription valid for one year. This means that you will be provided with updates by the manufacturer of the extension for one year. If you do not renew the extension subscription, you will not be able to update the extension and a message will appear when you open your Admin.

Note: he subscription check checks all plug-ins listed in the Plugin Manager. The check does not distinguish whether the plug-in is "Active", "Disabled" or "Uninstalled". All extensions listed in the extension-manager are checked.

What are the effects of using an extension without a valid subscription?

A missing extension subscription has no effect on the functionality of Shopware or the extension concerned. However, you should keep in mind that in this case you will not be able to benefit from any improvements and compatibilities provided by the manufacturer.

How can I renew a plugin subscription?

In your Shopware account you will find the menu item Shop operator area (1) on the left-hand side. After you have selected this, you can click on the sub-option Shops (2). All domains that are linked to your Shopware account will be displayed there. Then click on the desired domain so that the licences (3) can be displayed. Within the list you can see which plugins are licensed for your domain and for which plugins a subscription is active. If you click on the ... button (4), a context menu opens in which you can then click on Details.

After clicking on Details, an overview of the selected plugin is displayed. Here you have the option to extend the plugin subscription, but only 4 weeks before the subscription expires.

Note: Without a valid extension subscription, no updates from the manufacturer will be available to you.

We recommend to keep the extensions up to date. Otherwise you will not receive improvements, bugfixes and possible security updates from the manufacturer.

The license violation was calculated - what options do I have now?

Once a license violation has been charged, no free solution for this violation is possible. Depending on the extension, it is now available and may be used with a rental license or 6 additional months extension subscription licensed for the corresponding domain. There is no additional penalty fee for the previous period.
 The rental can be cancelled under the account after the extension has been deleted. Instructions can be found here:

If the extension is to be used on another domain, it can be moved directly to the desired domain under the account:

Contact person for questions regarding account, licences or subscriptions

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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