Tips for using the Admin

Multi-browsertab usage

Shopware 6 supports the Multi-Browsertab usage of the common browsers. If you want to open several Shopware Administration functions at the same time, you can do this by right-clicking + Open in new tab. In the second tab you will be logged in with the same user as in the first tab. 
If you log out, you only need to do this once. After logging out, you will automatically be logged out in all open tabs. 



Shopware can be controlled by Keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to access the most important functions of your administration with just a few keys.
You can open an overview of all available keyboard shortcuts in the administration with the shortcut Shift + ?. 

Special shortcuts

For these functions, the keys must be pressed simultaneously.


Focus search

Shift + ?

Shortcut listing

alt + S

Windows: Save detail view

control + S

Mac: Save detail view

alt + S

Linux: Save detail view


Cancel detail view


Adding Items

For these functions, press the keys quickly one after the other.
A + PAdd product
A + CAdd category
A + EAdd Shopping Experience layout
A + UAdd customer
A + P + RAdd properties
A + MAdd manufacturer
A + RAdd Rule
A + SAdd sales channel 


For these functions, press the keys quickly one after the other.
G + HGo to dashboard
G + PGo to products
G + CGo to categories
G + DGo to dynamic product groups
G + P + RGo to properties
G + MGo to manufacturers
G + OGo to orders
G + UGo to customers
G + EGo to Shopping Experiences
G + M + EGo to Media
G + P + OGo to promotions
G + NGo to newsletter recipients
G + SGo to settings listing
G + S + NGo to snippets
G + S + PGo to payment
G + S + SGo to shipping
G + S + RGo to rule builder
G + AGo to plugins

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