Shopware Community Edition

In this article, we would like to give you an overview of all the features of Shopware Community Edition (Shopware Core). The Shopware Rise, Evolve, and Beyond plans contain additional features that can be found under the individual menu items.

Content management & Design

The design of Shopware has been thought through down to the last detail and is optimized for every available device. Thanks to the open template basis, the design of your shop is completely customizable.

  • Shopping Experiences: Create attractive shop pages using drag & drop. To do this, you don't need to be a developer or web designer.

Workflow & Automation

Intuitive operation, numerous functions, extensive configuration options: Shopware makes your everyday work easy and uncomplicated.

  • Roles and permissions: The user Administration offers you management for all users in your Administration. You can assign different roles and permissions to other users.
  • Rule Builder: With the Rule Builder you can create individual rules based on conditions, which can be used, for example, to calculate shipping costs. You can find some examples in our tutorial.
  • Flow Builder: The Flow Builder allows you to automate and easily customise your business processes without programming knowledge. You can also use it to configure event-based actions, such as sending documents automatically.

Customer experience & Marketing

The management of customers and orders as well as pricing are among the core functions of every online shop. Your success is also close to our hearts: even in the standard Shopware version you will find numerous marketing functions that additionally boost the sale of your products.

  • Customer groups: Via the customer groups, you can define whether the customers get the prices in the shop displayed net or gross.
  • Promotions: Here you can create discounts and promotions for your customers.
  • SEO: Optimising a shop and bringing it to the top of the search engine rankings is a supposedly easy game for professionals. In the SEO settings, you can therefore define the structure for the SEO URLs of the product detail pages and categories with the help of a large number of variables.
  • Search: The search is essential so your customers can quickly find the products they are interested in. Many options are available to you in the Administration of your shop to adapt the search to your needs.
  • Cross-selling: With cross-selling, you can configure product recommendations for your products, for example, to directly display the matching accessories on the product detail page.
  • Product reviews: In Shopware 6, your customers can rate your products. The ratings then end up in the Administration, where you can check them, approve them, and comment on them.
  • Tag management: Tags allow you to store keywords for your products, categories, media, customers, orders, shipping methods, newsletter recipients, landing pages, or rules. You can find examples of use in our tutorials.

Inventory & Order management

Products are the heart of your online shop. Shopware gives you all the functions you need to start selling quickly and smoothly.

  • Physical products
  • Digital products (available soon)
  • Dynamic product groups: Dynamic product groups are products formed by dynamic rules and can be displayed in different places in your shop.
  • Payment method integration: You can decide for yourself which payment options you would like to offer in your shop. To do this, choose between numerous international payment service providers.
  • Shipping provider integration: In the administration of your shop you can determine which shipping options you want to make available to your customers and which shipping providers you want to work with for this.
  • Category management: In category management, you manage the category structure of your shop. In Shopware 6, the categories are also used to organize the shop pages and the service menu and to create landing pages.

B2B capabilities

  • Net- / gross price display: The gross/net price view allows you to define which customer groups get which prices displayed and which tax rates should be valid.


  • Unlimited sales channels: The sales channels offer you the possibility to connect different sales channels via a shop system. On the one hand, this can be the classic storefront. However, it is also possible to transmit data to comparison portals (e.g. or Google Shopping) or to integrate social shopping (e.g. Instagram).
  • Currency and tax management: You can provide your customers with a better shopping experience by setting the appropriate currencies and tax rates for different countries, regions, and customers.
  • Multi-language: Make your shop available in different languages. You can find a few examples in our tutorials.


  • Import/Export: You can maintain your content in Shopware 6 very simply via imports. You can use exports to read your existing content or transfer it to interfaces and evaluation tools.
  • Migration: If you are currently using another eCommerce solution, you can switch to Shopware. Our community and our network of experienced partner agencies can offer you support with the migration.
  • Extensibility: If you are missing a function, you can fall back on our extensive range of extensions in the Shopware Store.