In Shopware 6 your customers have the possibility to rate your products. The reviews then end up in the administration, where you can check, approve and comment on them.


You can find the reviews in the administration under Catalogues > Reviews.


All relevant infromation regarding the overview, is shown here. The title, the stars awarded, the product wich was rated, the customer who wrote the rating and the date and time of the rating. The overview shows you if it's currently displayed and whether it has been commented by the shop operator.
Use the context menu on the right side, to get the details of the rating or delete the corresponding rating. 


The rating details will show you a summary with all important information of the rating. In addition to the information that has already been displayed in the overview, the complete evaluation text is now also displayed here.

Under Properties you can show or hide the rating and pick for which language the rating should be displayed in the frontend. In all other languages, this rating is only displayed if the customer explicitly wants to display the ratings for all languages. 

Finally, you can add a comment. If you wrote a comment for a rating, it will be displayed in the frontend below the rating.

Disable reviews

If you do not want your customers to be able to rate your products, you can deactivate the rating function for each sales channel. In this case, the rating tab on the product detail page will be completely hidden, so that no previous ratings will be displayed.
This is possible in the settings under Shop > Products > Show reviews.
You can find more information about the product settings in this documentation.

In the frontend

In the frontend with our Responsive Theme, the customer will find the ratings on the product detail page next to the product description. Here all current reviews that are active and set for the language are displayed. 

Note that the ratings may show up on a different location depending on the theme that you use. The theme creator should be able to tell you where they are displayed. 

In the ratings, the customer first sees an overall rating (1) in the form of 1 to 5 stars. Below this, the customer can see how other customers have rated this item in percentage and absolute terms (2).  Using the checkbox on the left he can limit the listing to ratings of a certain number of stars. 
On the right side you see the listing of the ratings (3). Here you can either see all ratings or only those the customer has selected under (2)
With the button Show ratings in other languages (4) you can display ratings from other languages in addition to the ratings for the current language and under Sort by (5) you can change the sorting of the listed ratings. 
By clicking the button Write a rating (6) the customer can write his own rating. A rating must contain at least 40 characters.

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