Please note that this article is intended only for users of a Shopware 6 Cloud environment. This is not relevant for users of a self-hosted shop.

When you create a Shopare 6 SaaS environment, it will always have an automatically generated URL. This URL is composed of the name you chose when you created it and a fixed part assigned by the system.
If you want to make the shop accessible through your own domain, you can add the domain here. In the next steps we will explain to you which points have to be considered.

The number of domains you can add depends on your booked plan.


When you select the menu item Settings > System > Domains, you first get an overview of the existing domains.
In the default system, there is always a domain (1) defined by the system.
To add your own domains, click on the button Connect domain (2). The following procedure for adding a domain is explained in detail in the next section.

Please note that the domain present in the standard system cannot be removed. This also serves to ensure that your shop always has at least one domain that can be accessed.

Connecting a domain

By clicking on the button Connect domain a modal window opens, in which you are guided to connect the domain.

Enter domain

In the first step you enter the desired domain (1).
The following steps differ in the use of a normal (second-level) domain and a subdomain.

Normal (second level) domain

If you have entered a normal (second-level) domain (e.g., the A-record is used to redirect the domain to the shop.

Set A-Records

In order to make your shop accessible in the future through the additional domain, it is necessary to redirect the domain to the IP addresses of the shop instance. For a greater reliability you will be provided with up to 3 IP addresses (1), (2) and (3).
At your host or domain provider, you need to redirect your domain to at least one of the IP addresses via A-record. You can usually do this in the DNS settings of the domain in the control panel of your provider. You should also refer to the documentation of your hoster/domain provider for more information.
In addition, we have summarized some information about more popular hosters in the section explaining DNS configuration for some hosters

You can only proceed to the next step after the domain has been forwarded to at least one of the IP addresses. To run this check again, it may be necessary to return to the previous step once by clicking the Back button and then click the Next button.
Once the assignment is correct, the next step will take you to the configuration of the CNAME record.



If you alternatively use a subdomain (e.g., the CNAME is used to connect to the shop.

Set CNAME record

If you want to use a subdomain (e.g., it is necessary to configure the CNAME for the connection. You do this in the DNS configuration of your domain provider.
Please note that the CNAME is not set for the complete address, but only for the part of the subdomain. In the above example, you redirect "shop" to "". The entry to be stored is shown in the window under CNAME-Record (1).
The documentation of your provider should also be able to help you with this configuration. We have summarized information about some known hosters below.

Domain verified

If you have correctly configured the settings at the hosters, you will now receive the information that the domain has been verified.

Please note that it may take some time until the DNS settings have been distributed by your hoster and the redirection to the shop is correct.

To make your shop accessible via the additional domain, you can now assign this domain in the sales channel configuration. How this is done in detail, you can find out in the documentation for the sales channels.

Remove an additional domain

You can remove an additionally added domain later using the "..." menu (1) at the end of the line.

Explanation of the DNS configuration for some hosters


In the customer center of Profihost you will find the configuration under My Products > Webhosting & Domains

For the A-Record configuration you choose as type "A" and as value you enter the respective IP-addresses, which are shown in the configuration window in the Shopware-Admin.
If you want to enter more than one IP address, please enter each one as a separate line.

For the (optional) CNAME record select "CNAME" as type

More information can be found in the documentation of Profihost at


In Mittwald'sCustomerCenter you will find the configuration under Domains the DNS-Editor.
There you will find the tab Host Address / Alias and can enter the A-record(s) as well as the (optional) CNAME-record.

More information can be found in the documentation of Mitwaldt at


IIn the Strato customer login you will find the configuration in the package overview in the "..." menu under Manage Domains.
Alternatively, you can also find the settings under Domains > Domain Administration.

More information can be found in the documentation of Strato at


IIn the CustomerAdministrationSystem (KAS) of All-inkl you will find the DNS configuration under Tools > DNS Settings.

More information can be found in the documentation of All-inkl at

1&1 / IONOS

With 1&1 / IONOS you can do the configuration in the control center.

More information can be found in the documentation of 1&1 / IONOS at


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