Shopware Updates

Please note that this article is only for users of a self-hosted store. This is not relevant for users of a Shopware 6 SaaS environment.

In the Shopware Updates section, which can be found under Settings > System, you will find all updates that are available for your system.

You can usually leave the Update code field empty. In individual cases, e.g. if the support asks you to do so, you can enter a code here with which you can then download a specific update or bugfix.

In the drop-down menu Update-Channel you can choose which kind of updates you want to see. Here you can select Beta, EarlyAccess, Release candidate and Stable
For example, if you're only looking for updates that are suitable for a live environment use, select Stable here.

As soon as you click on the button Check for updates, all updates will be searched and displayed with the set criteria. 

Before installing an update, you should make a backup of your shop database and server files, so you are able to restore it in case of a problem.


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6.0.0 or newer