Sharing data

By sharing data with us, you help us to improve our platform and develop new functionalities and services. This enables us to actively improve our services using advanced technologies such as machine learning and specialised pattern recognition. The analysis of this data propels the continuous development of our product and promotes data-driven services for business success.

The feature is for the moment available to self-hosted customers from

The consent prompt appears for all users in the administration who have at least the "Basic settings" right. As long as a user agrees, this applies to all users and the query disappears from the dashboard.

In future, data-driven features will not be available without the consent of the data analyses.

Configuration options


The dashboard offers the first option of agreeing or declining to share the data for the time being.

By hovering over the question marks (1), you can view further details about the data and read out other information. You can agree to the sharing of data via Agree (2) and decline via Not at the moment (3).

Sharing data

However, the decision to share the data is not final and can be changed at any time under Settings > System > Sharing data.

In the screenshot shown, consent can be easily revoked under Disable data sharing (1).

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