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Please note that this article is only for users of a self-hosted store. This is not relevant for users of a Shopware 6 Cloud environment.

With the help of the event log, you can transparently track which actions were performed in your store and when. For instance, you can track when an order was placed in your store or whether an email was sent successfully. Each event can be accurately tracked and assigned based on the timestamp and the message it contains. If an event is not successfully executed, such as a canceled order, you can also identify this based on the priority and the content. This makes it much easier to find the cause of an error.

Under Settings > System > Event logs you get an overview of the events in your system. These are e.g. orders placed and e-mails sent.


The overview is divided into different columns that you can hide using the "..." symbol (1).
You can show hidden columns again by using the symbol with the 3 dashes (2) on the right in the heading line. In addition, the compact mode can be switched on/off here, whereby the individual columns require less space and thus more content can be displayed on the page

You can search the logs through the central search bar (3).

To view the details of an individual log entry, you can either click directly on the content or at the end of the line on the "..." symbol (4).
Message (5): The Message column indicates the area from which the log entry originates. For example, checkout or mail.
Priority (6): The priority and the number in brackets indicate how important the entry is.

  • Debug (100): important for debugging functions.
  • Info (200): This is simple system information.
  • Error (300): This is an error message that should be checked.
  • Critical (400): This is a serious error message that should be checked immediately.

Content (7): This column contains the actual content of the message. By clicking on it, you can directly open the details of the message.


The details of the log entry are opened in a modal window.

Depending on the type of log entry, different information is displayed within the detail window.
With mail logs it is possible to display the mail in different views (1).
Debug entries, on the other hand, are only displayed in source code format.

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