Plugin: customer-specific prices

Using this plugin you are now able to offer special discounts on certain items and for certain customers. This is completely independent and separate from customer groups and their graduaded prices and offers another way of appreciating your custom.


Add customer groups

In the menu in Customers > Customer specific prices you will find an overview of the already defined groups.

To create a new group, just click add and enter the respective data. When a group is created, you can assign customers to this group via the tab Customers.

Assign customers 

Just select your group and drag & drop the desired customers onto the grid on the right hand side.

A customer can only be associated to one group, customers who are already assigned to a group are ignored in the customer search.

After adding any number of customers to the group, you should get on with defining individual prices in the tab Prices.

Define custom prices

To edit items, click on an item, add customer prices to the form and - if desired - even graduated prices, which are set via the rightmost column.

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