Plugin: Google Analytics

Google Analytics ID

This plugin allows the integration of Google Analytics and conversion tracking. To use this plugin, you can register here, if you don't have an Analytics account:

After registering, you will receive a Google Analytics ID and Google Conversion Label, which you can then enter into the plugin settings.

It is only required to define the tracking code in Shopware. The structure should appear as follows: UA-12345678-1

You are also able to define for which shops the customer is able to use this function. Simply select the function in the plugin settings of the desired shop.

Make sure that the “Google” plugin is installed and activated in the Plugin Manager so that the necessary changes to the tracking can be integrated into the page source text.

Google Conversion ID

You receive this ID when you use the Conversion Tracking feature with Google Adwords. By defining this Conversion ID in the Google plugin, the tracking script for conversions is activated automatically on the thank you page.

You can find more information about creating conversions here.

Plugin template files (optional)

If you wish to examine or edit the code, you can find relevant plugin template files at:/templates/_default/frontend/plugins/google/

  • adwords.tpl (script activated by Conversion ID)
  • analytics.tpl (script activated by Analytics ID)
  • index.tpl (control files for activating adwords.tpl and analytics.tpl)
  • optout.tpl (script activate optional settings for opt-out cookie: Disable google tracking)

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