Plugin: VAT change / reduction


This plugin helps you easily change the tax rate. You can change multiple tax rates at once.


This extension can be found in our Shopware Store, the easiest way to find a specific plugin is the search-bar. Complete the order process and login to the backend of your store. Navigate to Configuration > Plugin manager > My purchases. You need to login and click the refresh button. Your new extension is now listed and can be installed. After installing the extension go to the menu entry installed and refresh. Activate the extension. Finally delete the cache under Settings > Cache/Performance > Clear Shop Cache and refresh the backend.

New menu entry

You will find a new menu item under Settings > Basic Settings with the name % Change Taxes.

It is not possible to call up the module

If it is not possible to call up the module after installing the plugin, this may be due to missing user rights.
Please check under Settings > User administration in the tab Resources & permissions whether the entry swagtax incl. the assigned read is active for the respective roles.

You can find more information on user administration here.

Changing the tax rate

First, you can make some basic settings for the tax rate changes:

  • Keep gross prices (1): Select this option if you want to continue to display the same gross prices in the shop. In this case, the net prices will be adjusted so that they, together with the new tax rate, result in the previous gross price. If you do not activate the option, the net prices are retained and the gross price changes accordingly by the difference of the new tax rate.
  • Adjust pseudo prices (2): Activate this option to adjust the pseudo prices of your articles as well.
  • Adjust vouchers (3): Here you can define whether the tax rates for the calculation of vouchers should also be adjusted.
  • Adjust discounts (4): Define whether the tax rate for the discount calculations should also be adjusted.

Clicking on Next will take you to the next step.

First select which tax rates you would like to adjust (1). All tax rates available in the shop are displayed here (you can manage these in the basic settings under Shop settings > Taxes). The selected tax rates are then displayed in the lower list (2). Here you can now select the new tax value to be used instead of the previous tax rate. Here, too, the rates stored in the system are available for selection. In other words, the tax rate is changed. A new tax rate is only required if the rates previously entered in the system are not sufficient. In this case you can create another tax rate by clicking on the button Create a new tax rate (3).
If you want to remove a tax rate already added for the change, this is possible via the red button (4).
Optionally, you can select whether the additional tax rules within a tax rate should be copied into the new tax rate (5).

Click on the Next button to proceed to the next step.

Select the customer group you want to change from the drop-down menu (1). The customer group you selected (2) is displayed below. You can add several customer groups at once. If you want to remove a customer group you have added, click on the remove icon (3). When you are satisfied with your selection, click Save (4) to continue.

In the last step, you have the option to change the tax immediately. To do this, click on Execute now (batch mode) (1). Alternatively, you can select a specific date and time (2). When you have entered the date and time you want to change the tax rate, click on Save (3). You can then close the window.

If you choose the option to schedule the date, the cron plugin and cronjob must be activated.

Orders & Documents

The plugin does not change the tax rates from existing documents and existing orders. For the creation of documents, the tax rate at the time of the order is still used.

So if you create an invoice for an order before the changeover, the old tax rate is still used by default. If you want to create the invoice with the new tax rate, you can change this manually.
To do this, select the new tax rate for shipping in the Order Details on the Overview tab in the Edit Order section. Then select the new tax rate for the items in the Items tab.
Finally, you can now create the document with the new tax rate in the Documents tab.

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