Plugin: Advanced Menu


The Advanced Menu allows you to display the category tree of your shop up to a defined depth directly in the navigation via mouse over. You can also show content such as category descriptions and teaser images.


The plugin Advanced Menu is already available in the default installation of Shopware and can be installed (1) directly in the Plugin Manager at Configuration > Basic Settings > Plugin Manager.

  • Activate expandable menu in stroefront (1): Should the menu be expandable or not?
  • Number of tiers (2): Number of tiers to be shown when menu expands
  • Activate caching (3): Activates caching for the advanced menu
  • Caching time (4): Caching tim in seconds - only relevant when frontend-cache ist active
  • Hover delay (5) - From Shopware 5.2.0: Defines the delay, which will be used at hovering the category.
  • Teaser width (6): Defines the width of the teaser, the category image. By default, 50% is used.

If you don't see the option "Hover delay", you should reinstall the plugin once. 

Display image and description

Show category image

By using the Advanced Menu you can display a teaser image of your category. For this you enter the image you want to show in the settings of the category in your backend at Items > Categories for the top category in the navigation.

Show category description

Below the image you can also display the header and category description.

Advanced Menu in the Storefront

With this settings you get a extended menu in the frontend when you hover over the category name in the navigation, which will show the subcategories on the one side and the category image and description on the other side.

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