The extensions allow you to extend the functional range of your shop.


In the submenu Store you have the possibility to purchase extensions. There are both free and paid extensions available.

Using the selection menus and filters above the list, you have the possibility to limit the displayed extensions.
You can choose from categories (1) and ratings (2) and change the sorting (3).
To get more information about an extension or to purchase it, just click on the corresponding extension (4).
Then the detail page of the extension will open.

Add an extension

To use an extension, it is first necessary to add it to the shop.
To do this, click on the button Add extension (1) on the details page.

A modal will then open and guide you through the rest of the process.

First of all, it is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions (1). Depending on the function of the extension, it may be necessary to confirm that the extension requires authorisation to access individual shop functions (2). You can view the exact information by clicking on the link Show authorisations.
When you have confirmed all necessary checkboxes, you can add the extension to your shop.

As soon as the process is completed, this is confirmed with a success message.
The extension will then be listed in the My extensions section.

My extensions

In the area My extensions you get an overview of all purchased extensions and have the possibility to (de)install them.

Install extension

To install an existing extension, click on the Install App button in the My extensions section.

If the extension provides its own configuration menu, you can access it by clicking on Open app.

Cancel and remove extension

If you no longer wish to use a rental extension that is subject to a charge and wish to terminate the rental, the complete removal is necessary. Simply deactivating or uninstalling the extension is not sufficient. 
Please note, however, that in this case the settings of the extensions will also be removed.
To cancel and remove the extension, click on the "..." button and in the menu that opens click on cancel and remove.

Afterwards a window will open in which you can confirm this once again.

Necessary data for adding extensions

In order to obtain an extension, it is necessary to maintain some data in the shop beforehand.
If you are not able to add an extension, you will receive a corresponding message with information about which data is not (completely) available.

Company information

The company information is required, among other things, for the creation of documents (e.g. invoices) for the purchase of extensions.
Even with free plugins, the data is needed in advance.
You can store the company data under Settings > Account > Company.

Payment method for billing

The payment method for the settlement is needed to pay any rent for the extensions.
Please note that these data must be filled in in advance even in the case of free extensions. 
You can maintain this data under Settings > Account > Billing > Payment method.

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