Shopware AI-Copilot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked a new era, reshaping the world of ecommerce. With AI at their disposal, merchants can swiftly tackle diverse tasks, operate efficiently, and empower their business with enhanced speed and capability.

You can now use this potential with the Shopware AI Copilot. Herewith, we present you brand-new features that revolutionize your daily e-commerce routine with concentrated AI power. As an integral part of our AI Copilot, these features are designed to assist you in various aspects of Shopware, providing invaluable support along the way!

Please note that the "Commercial Extension" is required for the AI-Copilot.

In the following, we will briefly describe the features and link to the corresponding documentation.

AI-generated content for Shopping Experiences

The AI Copilot | content for Shopping Experiences can help create different types of text content, check the text for spelling mistakes, and translate it into any language you choose. 

Image keyword assistant

The AI Copilot | image keyword assistant analyzes uploaded images and assigns relevant keywords to them. 

AI-generated product properties 

The AI Copilot | product properties suggests product properties on the basis of a product description. 

Custom checkout message 

With the AI Copilot | custom checkout message, you can send your customers a customized AI-generated message after purchase based on their cart, and this personal approach helps increase customer loyalty.

AI-generated summary of ratings

The AI Copilot | product review summary gives merchants an AI-generated summary of all the reviews for a product, and the merchants can publish it on the product details page, so customers have a clear overview of feedback on the product they are interested in without having to read every single product review.

AI-based customer classification

The AI Copilot | customer classification generates labels based on the customers’ order history, and these labels can then be used as tags, for example for marketing mailings. 

AI export assistant 

With the AI Copilot | export assistant, you can now export specific data from Shopware in a CSV file – there you go, one sentence! 

AI-based translation for reviews 

With the AI Copilot | translation for reviews, product reviews can be translated using AI so that customers have a quick and easy way of understanding international reviews. 

AI description assistant

With the description assistant, you can generate product descriptions directly in the Shopware Administration and use them for your products with just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter a few keywords, click on "generate", - and you will receive a formulated product description that you can simply adopt or adapt.

Search by context

The new AI-supported search by context feature for the AI Copilot is the first time that the buyer side has been specifically addressed. This makes it possible to have the AI search for products based on keywords or sentences. New customers who are unfamiliar with the store are not deterred, even with a wide range and depth of products, and are given a quick overview of the store in their area of interest in the AI.

Search by image

With the new image search feature from the AI Copilot, buyers can upload images and then receive suggestions of items that are similar to this image.

Text to image

With the new text to image feature from the AI Copilot, you can generate images by entering suggestions in natural language. 

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