Shopware 6.5 Release Candidate

Shopware 6.5 RC is a Release Candidate! This means that this version is not intended for live operation. Use only the regular major version for this purpose.

System requirements

The basic system requirements for Shopware 6 can be found here.


The following versions are required for version 6.5 RC:

  • PHP 8.1 or higher
  • node-js version 18 or higher
  • Git

Technical features

Performance optimization through lazy loading

The performance in the administration has been improved enormously in many areas. Measured against the new benchmark values, Shopware 6.5 performance has been optimized in the following areas compared to 6.4.

ModulePerformance increase
Dashboard+ 227,03%
Product detail page+ 234,38%
Settings+ 232,43%
File size: CSS+ 633,83%
File size: JS+ 322,16%

You can find the exact benchmark data per area in this Excel file.

Queue System

The new queue system is now completely based on the standards of the Symfony Messenger. This allows changes to the queue memory/system from now on. Furthermore, multiple channels can be used to optimize the resources of the queue worker.

The old queue system can still be used, so compatibility with external extensions is still guaranteed.
More information about Symfony Messenger and the Queue can be found here in our Dev-Docs.


New font in the administration

For better readability the font has been changed to Inter.

Improved rule management

Certain rule constellations within the Rule builder are not useful for all areas and therefore not applicable. When you configure a rule now, all conditions are always displayed. The conditions that are not applicable are now grayed out and marked.

New customer rules

More customer rules have been implemented as conditions. You can use them for example in the Rule Builder or in the Flow Builder.
The following conditions can be used: Affiliate code, Billing adress: State, Campaign code, Customer age, Customer created by admin, Customer is active, Days since last login and Shipping address: State.

Shipping to disabled countries

If a country is disabled for shipping, this notice is already displayed in the registration when selecting the country.

New address management

In the settings for countries you will find a new section to define the validation for the postal code.

You can choose between a standard validation and an advanced validation where you can enter your own regular expression.
Additionally there is a section to define the address format.  You can add additional fields and separators and drag and drop them. The layout is used in the storefront, administration and documents when address information is displayed.

Flow Builder - Delayed flow actions

This feature is part of the Beyond Plan.
Here you get directly to the documentation of the new feature.

This feature allows you to trigger one or more actions after a certain period of time. Create flows from the Flow Builder with a time delay. For example, you can send automated mails two hours after an order.

The scheduled actions are displayed in the flow in a separate list. You can find more information here.

Return management

You can now create returns and partial returns directly from an order. Just call up an order and have a look at the items section. You can find more information about this under Return management.

When you select an item, you have the option to return the item (1) and set the status (2).

If you have created a return, the Returns tab is automatically created within the order. There you will find all important information about the return.

Tax provider

External tax services (TSP) can be connected. In countries like the USA, different and partly complex tax systems apply, which can only be mapped practicably by using external tax services. Under Settings > Taxes you will find the section Tax Providers.

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