Shopware 6.6

System requirements

The basic system requirements for Shopware 6 can be found here.


These ara requirements for version 6.6 and above:

  • Node 20

  • PHP 8.2

  • Redis 7.0

  • Maria DB 10.11

Technical Features

Vue 3 Support

The support for Vue 3 is established and is used within the admin.

Some third party extemsions might interfere with Vue 3. The manufacturers are informed. It should be necassary to install an update of effected extensions.

Webpack 5 update

Description follows.

Core Features

Faster storefront for an even better shopping experience  

Shopware 6.6 brings improvements in loading times, which have two decisive advantages. On the one hand, store visitors experience a smoother and more pleasant shopping experience. Secondly, loading times play an important role as an official ranking factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Improved page speed can therefore lead to a higher ranking in search engine results and thus increase the visibility and reach of the online store.

The key aspects of this update include 

  • Faster store pages and SEO benefits 

  • Up to 6 x better indexing performance for multilingual stores 

  • Numerous technology upgrades, more security, robustness and compatibility 

  • Extended configurability for individual customizations 

  • Technical functionalities that were previously hidden behind feature flags 

  • Better expansion options for developers 

  • Paving the way for innovative features that will come with the next minor releases 


Automatic Logout

The time for the automatic logout from the admin can be extended with an additional Checkbox(1) in the login page.

Fixed path for media

The path for each media file is now stored in the database.

Before, the path was rendered for each load witch affected the frontend performance. 
It caused loading errors in the latest versions of 6.5.

Multilingual ES indexes when Elastic- or OpenSearch is used

The index of products and categories will be stored according to the used languages.

Additional information for developers can be found here in our DEV documentation.

Boost in indexing for multilingual stores 

In Shopware 6.6, we have taken a significant step towards optimizing search performance in multilingual online stores. By adapting the ElasticSearch mapping data to support multiple languages in a single index, store operators now experience significantly improved performance when updating and reindexing their product data. 

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