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You have chosen Shopware: Congratulations! We are happy to welcome you as part of the community. There is an incredible amount to discover here and besides your own shop, there are also many Shopware pages that we would like to introduce to you here!

Shopware website

On our website you will find all important information about our product, version comparisons and contact information. In addition to the partner listing, which allows you to easily find an agency that supports you with your requirements, you will also find an overview of Shopware's further education offer, as well as a blog with all news, case studies and a lot of important information.

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Shopware community store

If you would like to expand your shop with features that are not available in the standard scope, our Community Store is the right place for you! Various software manufacturers offer their individual extensions for the shop software here. Besides payment provider interfaces, you will also find many other useful tools to get the most out of your online shop. If you have a great extension yourself that you want to offer to other customers, you've come to the right place!

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Community store help

Shopware Account

The Shopware account is the cornerstone of the shopware universe. Here you can view your bookings and invoices, change your stored data or ask questions to the official shopware support. The plan overview offers you a compact summary of all your plans/extensions that you have purchased from us.

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Shopware Docs - our knowledge database

Here you will find contributions that help you to create articles, configure your shop, etc.

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Shopware devdocs

If you are a developer or web designer, you have come to the right place. This page contains all information about the technology behind Shopware and how it can be extended. Whether you want to program your own plugin or simply customize the design, you will find numerous examples in our developer documentation that will help you with your project. In addition, there is also a blog there, which makes further information from the shopware universe directly accessible.

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Shopware Product Feedback Portal

Your feedback makes a difference! With the Shopware Feedback Portal, our primary goal is to create a user-friendly platform for your valuable input. Open source platforms like Shopware are based on a collaborative culture, which means that our e-commerce solution is completely open to your feedback on problems, ideas, solutions and use cases related to our product. This way, you can have a say in what features and solutions are implemented in Shopware 6.

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Shopware forum

As the heart of the community, our Shopware Web site is also home to the forum. There you can exchange ideas and share experiences with other shop owners.

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Shopware issuetracker

We hope that you will not have to visit this page too often. Our issue tracker is there to report general bugs in our software. So if you have a problem, which you can also reproduce in one of our demo shops, you have the possibility to report this problem to us through the issue tracker. The tickets will then be checked and prioritized by our developers to create a product that is as bug-free as possible.

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