Search (Administration)

The search of the administration is always displayed at the top.

You can click on the dropdown (1) to see the searchable modules.

You can activate or deactivate the search for these modules by typing in a '#" (1). After that you can open the search setting (2).

Search preferences

For a more detailed search configuration you can navigate to theprofilesection under Your profile > Search preferences.

In the search settings you can configure index of the search. You can individually choose which entities will be searchable. At the top you can also select the options Select All (1), Deselect All (2) or Restore Defaults (3) for faster processing.

Examples of use

1. Lookup up an invoice number 
A customer gives you his invoice number and wants to ask you a question about it.
The admin search finds the invoice number if you have ticked Document number in searchable elements in your profile. To make the results clearer, it is a good idea to set the module filter to orders. In the list of results, the name of the customer and the order number are displayed.

If you want to have all results displayed, click on >> Show all matching results in orders.

2. search for a part of a name in products
You are looking for a product whose name contains a certain word.
Enter the part of the name in the search bar. If you do not set a module filter, all active modules are searched and the first results are displayed in the list. If the search term is found in several modules, the results are presented sorted.

3. an existing EAN is not found
You are searching for a product with an existing EAN, but the product is not displayed.
To keep the search results clear according to your needs, you can deactivate elements in your profile. Check whether EAN/GTIN is ticked as a searchable element. 

To use the full power of the search, you can activate the AND/OR search. This allows you to enter the search parameters "AND" and "OR" in the administration, for example, to search for multiple products, properties, etc. simultaneously and with only one query.
To activate this function, an adjustment in the env. file is necessary, which you can find in the Shopware directory on the server.

Adjust the file as follows:


After you have saved the file, it is necessary to regenerate the search index. To do this, execute the following CLI command in the console:

bin/console es:admin:index

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