5.5.0 or newer

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In this module all available manufacturers are managed in your shop. Furthermore, it is also possible to edit and add manufacturers. The respective manufacturer can be equipped optionally to the name also with a Logo, a left, as well as a description. In the standard version logo, name and description are provided in the shop frontend.



All manufacturers are displayed in a tabular list. Click on a line to select the desired manufacturer. By clicking on the detail button (1), the right sidebar folds out and displays more detailed information, e.g. an available manufacturer logo.

Creating a new Manufacturer

Click on "Add" to create a new manufacturer. The manufacturer name is a mandatory field. All other fields are only optional.

The input window looks as follows:

In addition to the respective manufacturer information, SEO information can also be added. These are the fields manufacturer page title (1), the SEO description (2) and the SEO keywords (3), which you can fill as you like. These are then, like all other SEO information, displayed in the source code of the corresponding manufacturer page.

You can also customize the SEO URL in the SEO Settings under Settings > Basic Settings > Storefront > SEO/Router Settings:

You also have the possibility to integrate free text fields in different parts of the shop via your backend. Of course, you can also create and manage free text fields for the manufacturer module, for example to maintain further information about the manufacturer, for example a free text field, which contains contact information about the manufacturer or links to his social media sites. You can find further information on free text field management here.

Description and URL can optionally be displayed in the frontend.


Manufacturer-Logo on the Detail Page

Since Shopware 5 the manufacturer logo is displayed directly on the article detail page (1).

If you click on the logo, you will get to the manufacturer listing by displaying the manufacturer's description as well as other articles of the manufacturer.


Manufacturer-Page in the Frontend


By clicking on the "Pen-Icon" a new mask opens, which allows the editing of an existing manufacturer. Here the editable fields are available again. The same applies to adding a new manufacturer.

Deleting a Manufacturer

By clicking on the "Delete-Icon" a single manufacturer can be deleted. A dialog window follows in which this deletion process must be confirmed again.It is also possible to mark several manufacturers by checkbox. So different manufacturers can be deleted at once. A manufacturer can only be deleted if no more articles are assigned to this manufacturer.