Stock and delivery notice


5.5.0 or newer

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On the article detail page the delivery time will be displayed, this is made in 3 different status':

  • Green for articles with stock > 0.
  • Yellow for articles with a Release date or stock <= 0 and set delivery time in the articles basic information.
  • Red for articles with stock <= 0 without a delivery value in the articles basic information.

The text, which is displayed in the frontend, can be edited in the Snippet management in Configuration > Snippets > frontend > plugins > index > delivery_informations.


Displaying delivery time in the frontend

The delivery time and release date for each item variant can be adjusted. For example, you can assign “Size L” a delivery time of 1-3 business days, while assigning “Size XL” a delivery time of 5-7 business days. In the following paragraphs we describe, how Shopware sets these delivery states.


Green: Defined stock greater than 0

Is the stock of an item is greater than 0, the snippet DetailDataInfoInstock is displayed in the frontend. The default text is "Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 1-3 workdays". Hereby it doesn't matter, whether or not the option "article not available, when stock is <= 0" is active.

Yellow: Defined stock less than 1 with delivery time (days) and release date

If the stock is less than 1, the availability will be displayed in yellow, if the Delivery time (days) field is filled in the article basic data. The same applies to an item or variants with a future release date.

Here the displayed text is generated using the shipping time value from the items basic data and the snippet DetailDataShippingtimeDetailDataShippingDays or DetailDataInfoShipping.


Red: Stock less than 1 without delivery time (days)

If the stock is less than 1 and the field Delivery time (days) is empty, then "Delivery time approx. 5 working days" is displayed by default.


Editing snippets

To edit snippets, open the snippet manager in Configuration > Snippets > frontend > plugins > index > delivery_informations.

In this module you can also search the desired snippet using the search field. After changing a snippet you have to clear the cache (configuration & template) to see the changes in the frontend.



  • DetailDataInfoInstock: Ready to ship today, Delivery time approx. 1-3 workdays


  • DetailDataShippingtime: Delivery time
  • DetailDataShippingDays: Workdays
  • DetailDataInfoShipping: This product will be released at


  • DetailDataNotAvailable: Delivery time approx. 5 working days


Specific values for green and red per article

Sometimes it is not sufficient to display a standard text module for the available or unavailable articles (green or red), which contains the same values for all articles. 
It may be necessary to display specific values for each article. 
You can also add queries or variables to the text modules. 
For example, the variable for the content of the field "Delivery time (in days)" is {$sArticle.shippingtime}, for a free text field it could be {$sArticle.attr5}.


An example for a query of the delivery time could look like this:


{if $sArticle.shippingtime}{$sArticle.shippingtime} weekdays{elseif $sBasketItem.shippingtime}{$sBasketItem.shippingtime} weekdays{else}Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time approx. 1-3 workdays{/if}


This would be analogous for a free text field:


{if $sArticle.attr5 || $sBasketItem.additional_details.attr5}{if $sArticle.attr5}delivery time{$sArticle.attr5} days{else if $sBasketItem.additional_details.attr5}delivery time{$sBasketItem.additional_details.attr5} days{/if}{else}Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time approx. 1-3 workdays{/if}


Larger changes than the display of the special days should be made directly via the file deliver_infomration.tpl in frontend/plugins/index in your own theme. You can find further help on theme customizations in our Developer-Documentation.