Product streams

What are product streams?

In simple terms, the module works like a search filter, creating product streams based on criteria defined by the shop owner in Shopware’s backend. For example, say you want your customers to see that latest products from a specific category, that all share the same brand and attributes. As the shop owners, all you have to do is define this criteria – also known as conditions – and the stream will automatically compile the products that match your criteria.

Product streams are displayed at key points in your online shop, such as category pages, product detail pages and even in Shopping Worlds.

The clincher

Products streams update themselves automatically. This means whenever a new product is added to your store that meets the criteria of a particular stream, it will be added without you having to lift a finger.

Types of streams

Condition streams

There are two different types of streams. Condition streams are created according to criteria defined in advance. These update themselves automatically whenever a new product is added. There is a huge range of flexibility here, given the number of different conditions you can choose from and combine together.

The following conditions are available in the standard version:

  • Price condition - displays products which lie between the “from – to” price range.
  • Manufacturer condition - displays products from selected manufacturers. Here you can assign multiple manufacturers to one stream.
  • Property condition – this condition searches for a specific property in your product assortment. After selecting this option, you can assign properties in the next step.
  • Attribute condition – during the filtering process, the system first looks for a specific attribute in your product assortment. After selecting this option, you can assign attributes in the next step. Here you can assign additional parameters, such as “equals”, “starts with”, “like” and much more.
  • Category condition - defines which categories are searched for products. Here you can also make multiple selections. Caution: This filter was made in the search only, in the item listing it will be displayed, but you can filter only in the search!
  • Immediate delivery condition – only displays products which can be shipped to the customer immediately.
  • Has pseudo price condition - displays products which have “reduced” prices in your storefront.
  • Is new condition - When selecting, only new items are issued. You can define now long an item is considered “new” in your  basic settings.
  • Creation date condition - only products created since X days are displayed.
  • Release date condition – here you can choose either “past” or “future”; the module will only display products released before / after the defined value.
  • Average rating condition – displays products that meet a defined minimum customer rating.
  • Minimum sales condition - displays products that have been sold X times.
  • Search term condition - displays only products that meet the search keywords XY in your online shop.

Selection streams

Selection streams are created by manually adding products. The module includes a search function, which you will use to assign products to a specific stream. The stream does not automatically update itself, as the stream’s content can only be changed by you. For example, you can create a stream of specific product accessories.

Appearance in the shop

Stream as a category

A stream can be displayed quickly and easily as a category in the frontend. For example, you can create a “Sale” category that includes only products with reduced prices.

In the backend, open Items > Categories and create a new category for your product stream. Be sure to name this category in the first step. On the right side of the window, you will be able to select which product stream you want to assign to the category.

Stream in a Shopping World

When working with a product slider in Shopping Worlds, you have the option of assigning a product stream to the element. The available product streams will be displayed in the drop-down menu.

With the Storytelling plugin, you can use the Sideview elements in Shopping Worlds. This element also supports product streams.

Stream on the product detail page

In the product master data, you will find a “Cross-selling” tab. As usual, you have the option of assigning accessories and similar products. Similarly, you can now assign product streams. These will be integrated into the detail page as a standard product slider.

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