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With the API in Shopware 6 you have the possibility to seamlessly connect applications and systems to Shopware.
Under Settings > System > Integrations you can create an own API access for each of your own applications you want to connect to Shopware. 

Add integration

With a click on add integration you can add a new integration. You then assign a name (1) for the integration and decide whether the integration has read and/or write permissions (2).
Finally, you will receive an access ID and a security key (3) for your integration. Since the security key is only displayed at this point, you should store it in a secure location.

Manage Integrations


After you have created integrations, they are displayed in the overview (1) with the name and the corresponding permissions. With a click on the name of an integration, you can edit it. 
The integrations can also be edited or deleted via the context menu (2)

If you subsequently edit an integration, the security key is no longer displayed for security reasons. However, you can regenerate it via Create new API key (1). Note that this regenerates both the security key and the access ID.

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