Shopware Publisher

The Shopware Publisher is available to you as an extension from the Shopware Evolve plan.

Shopware Publisher allows you to create drafts of an existing layout and editing existing shopping experiences without changing the live version of a layout. An activity feed shows you who has already worked on the layouts and a preview allows you to view unpublished layouts in the storefront.


As part of the Shopare Evolve plan, the Shopware Publisher is available to you as an extension.
You can download and install the extension under Extensions > My extensions
If you have logged in to the Shopware Account tab with your account, the extension is available to you under the Apps tab. There you can install Shopware Publisher and then activate it. 

You can find more information about the My Extensions section here.


With Shopware Publisher, you have the option of creating multiple versions of one and the same shopping experience without changing the current live version of the shopping experience.

Create a new draft layout

The Save button has been extended with a new button with an arrow, which makes it possible to save the current layout as a draft, so that the saved contents are not directly live.

Click on save to save the current layout in the live version. To create a new version of an already existing layout, first make changes to the current layout as usual without simply saving them by clicking on save. Instead, click on the button with the arrow next to the Save button and select save as new draft.

Then give the draft a meaningful name and save it using the save draft button.

Edit and save the draft.

When editing a draft, some buttons work differently compared to when you are working on the live layout.

Draft Badge (1): you will recognise that you are in a draft by the draft badge in the upper left corner.
User abbreviation (2): The user abbreviation at the top right tells you which user has last worked on this design.
Preview (3): This button opens a new tab showing the current draft as a preview in the frontend. This gives you the ability to view the draft in the frontend without having to switch it live.
Save (4): Unlike when you are working on the live layout, you save the design here using the save button. Doing so does not switch the layout to live.
Save and publish (5): Click on the arrow to the right of the Save button to select save and publish. This overwrites the current live layout and saves this design.

Drafts in the overview

In the overview, the additional draft is displayed within the tile of the layout.

Live layout (1): In the overview, if you click on the middle rectangle in the tile, you will go to the editor for the layout that is currently being used live.
Draft (2):In the upper left corner of each layout tile there is a badge indicating how many drafts there are next to the live layout. Click on the badge to open one of the drafts instead of the Live Layout.
Changes (3): The bottom right corner shows how many other users made changes to this layout.


On the right-hand side, above the layout assignment, you will find the menu item Activity (1), that shows you which user has made which changes to the current layout or to the draft.

Every change to the layout is listed here. It is indicated when and by whom (2) the change was made and what exactly was changed. The changes are displayed regardless of whether you are in the live layout or in a draft.
If you click on the drop-down menu show changes (3) under each adjustment and move the mouse over a change (4), it will be highlighted in the layout. This gives you a quick overview of which changes have been made most recently. 

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