Shopware Legal Services

With the Shopware Legal Services extension you have the possibility to generate customized legal texts for your store. We work together with our partner Trusted Shops to always provide you with up-to-date, legally compliant and localized texts. Besides automatic updates, Trusted Shops also assumes liability for all generated legal texts.


You can easily install the extension via the store in the administration. Once the app is installed, you can find it under My Extensions.

You can find the extension in your administration under Content > Shopware Legal Services - Legal Texts.


When you open the module, you will first get to an overview where all your sales channels are listed. Further up you will also find links to the Shopware documentation and to the support of Trusted Shops (1) to get more information or help.

Sales Channel (2): In this column all sales channels are displayed.
Country of residence (3): For your legal texts, the country of residence is of course decisive. Please note that you cannot change the country of residence after you have created it for the first time.
Languages (4): Here you can see the languages of the legal texts.
License status (5): Here you can see whether the respective sales channel is currently licensed or not.
Document status (6): Shows whether legal texts have been created and whether they are current or need to be updated.


Add sales channel

If you want to add legal texts for one of your sales channels, you have to define a country of residence in the first step (1).

Note: After saving, the country cannot be changed anymore.

In the next step you can view the details (2) to configure the legal texts. If the field is not clickable, make sure that a domain is assigned to the sales channel.

Supported countries and languages:

  • Germany (German, English)

  • Austria (English, German)

  • Switzerland (German)

  • Netherlands (Dutch, German)

  • Belgium (German, French)

In the next step you will get to the subscription menu. There you will automatically see the languages that are available for your country of residence.
Below you will find information about the duration, automatic renewal and costs.
Select the desired language and click on Book with costs (1). After that the subscription is licensed.

Add documents

As soon as the subscription of the sales channel is licensed, you can create documents for the legal texts. Select the previously licensed language (1).
Then you can generate a new document (2).

Before each individual configuration it is necessary to enter some basic information.

After you have made your selection, you can click on Continue to questionaire (1).
In the question catalog you can now enter all information for an individual legal text.

To save all the information you have entered, click on Finish (1).

Note: The questions are displayed in german if you have set the country of residence to Austria, Germany, Netherland or Switzerland. If you have set Belgium, the questions are french. The final document with the answers is assigned to the subscription language.

Verify data

In the last step you get a summary of all answers, so that you can check everything again.
You can also download all answers to the questions as a protocol in PDF format (1).
When you have checked all the information, click on Confirm (2) so that the document is generated.

In the overview you will now find the generated legal text as well as all other documents for this language.
Note that the document is not yet visible in the storefront.

Transfer document to layout

To display the text in the storefront, click Show Details (1).
In the menu you have basically two options to display the legal text in the storefront:

Copy text (1): In the editor window you can simply copy the text and paste it into a layout of your shopping experience.
Transfer (2): You can transfer the right text into an existing layout. First select the language, then the layout and the slot. Complete the assignment by clicking Transfer now. To check the successful transfer, you can navigate to your Shopping Experiences (Content > Shopping Experiences) and select the appropriate layout, in this case Imprint.

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