Custom Popups & Notifications

With this extension, you have the possibility to inform your customers about promotions or to share information quickly and easily.


Custom Popups & Notifications can be downloaded for free from the Store and then installed and configured in the Administration (Extensions > My Extensions).

General configuration

Under Extensions > My Extensions > Custom Popups & Notifications you can access the general configuration of the extension.

The consent popup opens a popup directly when visiting your store, which must be actively confirmed by the customer.

Sales channel: First define for which sales channel you want to store the settings.
Show consent modal: Here you activate the approval dialog, which is displayed directly when you open your store.
Title: Enter the desired title for your approval popup.
Description: Here you can enter the description, which the customer can read later.
Button label: Enter the text that should be displayed on the confirmation button.

In our configured example, your customers will receive the following dialog when they open your store:

The banner is displayed to your customers in the upper area of your store and allows you to spread targeted information.

Show banner: Here you can activate the banner that will later be displayed in the upper area of your store.
Banner is closable: Decide whether your banner can be closed or whether the information is always displayed.
Background color: Adjust the background color of the banner to your store.
Font color: Adjust the font color of the banner to your store.
Display as marquee: In addition to a fixed text, your banner can also be displayed as a ticker, which then moves into the customer's view in the upper area of your store.
Text: Enter your desired text here.

The configured banner will now be displayed in the upper area of your store:

Info Popup

The info popup is displayed to your customers directly when they open the store and can share news, for example.

Show info popup: Here you activate the info popup that will later be displayed to your customers directly when they call up the store.
Blur popup background: Configure in which way the background of the popup should be displayed.
Popup title: Define the title of your popup.
Popup text: Define here what exactly you want to tell your customers.
Popup image: You want to include your logo next to the headline and the text? Here you can select it.

Our info popup will appear in the store from now on:

Newsletter registration popup

With the newsletter registration popup you can actively refer your customers to your newsletter directly when they visit your store and even let them register via the popup. 

Show newsletter registration popup: Enable your newsletter registration popup to point your customers to your newsletter.
Show name input field: Determines whether to show first and last name input fields.
Headline: Give your popup a heading.
Text: What is your popup about? Enter it here.
Submit button text: At this point, give a text that will be inside the button.

Our result will look like this:

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